Rescue Stories

Every year we rescue over 600 stray animals and provide them with life-saving medical treatment. This is on top of more than 5,000 sterilisations performed by our veterinary team annually. Here are some recent cases.

25 Jul 2023

One of Many: Kitty

This young, friendly female stray was admitted to the WVS Rescue Center with a…

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06 Jun 2023

One of Many: Fong

Fong is a 3-year-old male temple dog. He arrived at the WVS Rescue &…

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21 Apr 2023

One of Many: Mo

Mo is a 2-year-old female stray from Sankampaeng. Like all animals treated by…

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20 Apr 2023

Tessa's Best Songkran Ever!

In early February Tessa, a humble temple dog from Doisaket, came to the WVS…

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08 Apr 2023

One of Many: Pluto

Pluto is one of 98 dogs currently under the care of our dedicated vet team at…

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24 Mar 2023

Lucy's Journey... (Part 1)

By some miracle, this sweet little doggy managed to survive as a stray, into…

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13 Feb 2023

Little Miss Lucky

Lucky, a 20-week-old female stray, was attacked by bigger dogs in her…

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03 Feb 2023

Long Journey - Happy End!

Several months ago the sad story of Hugo, who was recovering at the WVS Rescue…

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