Rescue Stories

Every year we rescue over 600 stray animals and provide them with life-saving medical treatment. This is on top of more than 5,000 sterilisations performed by our veterinary team annually. Here are some recent cases.

11 Jul 2022

YOU Can Make This Happen!!

Rocky, a barely 3-month-old male, was found at a vacant house by a concerned…

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07 Jul 2022

Please Keep Your Dogs Safe

Attacks by humans are among the many dangers that threaten the health and…

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21 Jun 2022

Don't be Sad, Little Boy...

Actually, the future looks bright for little “Kuro” thanks to the good doctors…

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14 Jun 2022

Bonny: Lost an Eye, Gained a Home!

We try not to play favorites among the dogs who come to the WVS Rescue Center…

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09 May 2022

Frank - One of Many!

One-year-old Golden mix “Frank” came to the WVS Rescue Center with a massively…

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27 Apr 2022

Hook, Line & Sinker!

Little stray “Tasha” was hanging out with some locals fishing at a dam where…

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23 Mar 2022

Latte's Big Rock!

Our network of community caregivers are a vital part of our mission to bring…

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25 Feb 2022

Hope for Amalia

A community member in Sanpatong alerted us to a young female stray in pityful…

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