19 Jun 2024

We Never Stop Helping Animals!

Despite ongoing construction of the new WVS Thailand Center, we push ahead with…

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01 Jun 2024

Animal Welfare Education

A comprehensive education strategy is a crucial element in creating sustainable…

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18 May 2024

To Our Unsung Heroes

Veterinary Nurses, Technicians and Assistants are essential to providing…

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31 Mar 2024

Keeping Community Animals Safe and Healthy

WVS Thailand's preventive veterinary outreach team visits Wat Mae Yuak. We're…

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16 Mar 2024

Protecting Animals & Communities

Many cases of highly contagious parvo and distemper virus infections are…

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15 Feb 2024

Chiangmai Vets go Global!

The WVS Thailand veterinary team has long been proud of our high, international…

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07 Feb 2024

We Want Your Dogs… to get sterilized!

In the area of Chiang Mai province and nearby. If you, your neighbor or your…

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06 Feb 2024

Attention Puppy Adopters

We get many inquiries from families looking to adopt a puppy. While we rarely…

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