WVS Thailand is a non-profit organization that relies entirely on the generosity of individual donors. Volunteers commit time and energy but medicines, veterinary charges, vaccinations, housing, food and special dietary needs are just a few of the many costs that are incurred.

We need your support in order to grow and help more dogs start wagging their tails again! Small subscription donations can go a long way to providing the best possible care that we can.

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WVS Thailand Foundation


Kasikorn Bank PCL
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If you make a bank transfer please email us at as the banking system here unfortunately cannot identify individual donors and we would like to be able to send you a Thank You note.

If your donation is for a specific dog or purpose, please let us know!

Please let us know when would be a good time for you to drop by the shelter.

We'll be very pleased to meet you and show some of the dogs that we're helping!

Wish List

If you would like support WVS Thailand but donating money doesn’t suit you, there are other ways to help. Please see the list below of items that are always in need at the shelter:

  • Dry biscuit food for dogs
  • Canned/sachet food for dogs
  • Tick/Flea products (spot-on, collars)
  • Cleaning products: liquid soap, detergent, washing powder, Dettol, Kitchen towels, toilet paper, cotton wool and buds
  • Cleaning items: garden hoses, sponge cloths, scrubbing brushes, buckets, mops, brooms, rubber gloves etc
  • Floor mats (we use for shelter animals that cannot walk properly)
  • Toys: tennis balls, plastic toys and soft toys (for the safety of our dogs, please do not bring any toys that have cotton filling)
  • Collars and leads for dogs (used items are also suitable)
  • Cages and Carriers (used items are also suitable)
  • New or used towels and blankets, dog beds (used for bathing and sleeping on when the animal is unwell)
  • Veterinary supplies (please visit our contact page and we will connect you with our Senior Veterinarian directly)