Rescue Stories

Every year we rescue over 600 stray animals and provide them with life-saving medical treatment. This is on top of more than 5,000 sterilisations performed by our veterinary team annually. Here are some recent cases.

03 Feb 2023

Long Journey - Happy End!

Several months ago the sad story of Hugo, who was recovering at the WVS Rescue…

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13 Jan 2023

New Year Brings a New Life for Milo

A kindhearted caretaker brought Milo for treatment to the WVS Rescue &…

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01 Dec 2022

A Victim of Human Cruelty

The caretaker at the temple was horrified to find sweet, gentle Milo with…

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18 Nov 2022

Urgent: Please Save this Beautiful Soul!

Hugo, a 5-year-old male dog, was found in desperate shape by a visitor to a…

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26 Oct 2022

From Scruffy to Fluffy!

This sweet three-year-old male dog suddenly appeared at a local school. He was…

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03 Oct 2022

An (Almost) Perfect Rescue Story

Coming home from dinner on a sweltering August evening, one of our team members…

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18 Aug 2022

Invasion of the Tiny Dogs!

Ten days ago, someone unceremoniously dumped three small doggies at the gate of…

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28 Jul 2022

Another Gunshot Victim!

John, a 1-2 year-old male stray, was admitted with an infected gunshot wound to…

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