06 Feb 2024

Attention Puppy Adopters

We get many inquiries from families looking to adopt a puppy. While we rarely…

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15 Jan 2024

2023 Highlights

Thanks to the support and compassion of animal lovers here and around the…

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20 Dec 2023

Preventive Community Outreach: Update

While major construction at the WVS Center is progressing, our sterilization…

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25 Nov 2023

We Want Your Dogs… to get sterilized!

In the area of Chiang Mai province and nearby. If you, your neighbor or your…

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24 Nov 2023

Thank You, Global Harmonies!

We were thrilled to be nominated by our longtime volunteer Linda Coons…

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06 Nov 2023

Preventive Community Outreach Campaign

While the WVS Rescue Center is undergoing major reconstruction and upgrades, we…

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16 Oct 2023

Thank You NIS!

Massive thanks to the teachers, students and parents of Nakornpayap…

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15 Aug 2023

Sign Up for Free Dog Sterilizations

If you, your neighbor or your friends have a pet dog, or you just have some…

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